Meet Roberta

Roberta in Florida 2Roberta Kayne is an award winning photographer in Dublin, Ohio, and has been taking photos for over 30 years as “a form of therapy and a way to heal the past and focus on the present.”  When she is focusing on taking pictures, the world outside and all the hustle bustle of the world and other stressors all fade away, and the only thing that exists is the subject of her photo.  She explains that her photographs are reflections of what she sees and how she sees the world, as well as expressions of the feelings in her heart and soul.

Many of Roberta’s photographs are from travels around the world, and some are from right here in Columbus and Ohio.  Photos vary from macro close ups looking at tiny insects and flowers, to impressionistic views of subjects, to wide angle views of landscapes.

The photos on this blog are just a small sample of the thousands of photos that Roberta has taken.

To see more photos, please visit her website at

Member of these organizations:
Women for Economic Leadership & Development
Dames Bond
Awesome Women in Business

Community Involvement & Personal Interests

Member Dublin AM Rotary–Literacy Committee, Photographer
Photography – Published Photos of  Landscapes –
Walking & Hiking – Spent 3 Months Alone Hiking and Camping in the Rockies
Writing – Published a Poetry/Photo Book – Poetic Journey



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